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Your stay at Guess Clinic

GUESS Clinic does not want in any way to be considered as a clinic for “mass medical tourism”. Its priority is to respond to a medical demand in accordance with the rules of confidentiality, ethics and intelligence required by regulations governing the medical profession.
After gathering information for the medical record as a first step, Dr. Mohamed Guessous takes the time to study each received file with photos to make an accurate diagnosis directly and confidentially between the doctor and his patients by mail or over the phone.
This contact between Dr. Guessous and his patient is individual without intermediaries, and subject to custom responses.
Therefore, Dr. Mohamed Guessous and his patient decide together what is best suited to the patient’s needs.
After a period of reflection and decision-making following the exchanges with the doctor, a pre-op blood test and a cardiovascular exam for people aged over 45 will be required as well as mammography and ultrasound in case of breasts surgery.
Guess Clinic offers a package including the medical service and the program of your stay. For each type of intervention, a stay of 5 to 10 days is necessary to ensure the best postoperative care in our cozy property.
After a joint and thoughtful consultation, a personalized program for the type of performed surgery will be offered with transfers, accompaniments, trips (visits of the kingdom’s imperial cities:  Rabat, Salé, Marrakech, Fes… excursions, visits, shopping, golf…) and a private car available for the whole stay.

The stay in Guess Clinic involves the following steps:

Step 1: Information on the chosen surgery

You are on Guess Clinic’s website which aims first to provide you with information about all surgical procedures and therefore provide complete and accurate medical information. All information on the website are written by Dr. Guessous according to scientific data recognized by the medical community and the procedures are known by the majority of professionals in the medical field. The techniques provide statistically stable results and are subject to practices approved by the National Council of Physicians.