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In order to get rid of fatty tissue resistant to all kind of diet and physical exercise, so far the solution was surgery.

Today, there is an alternative for patients looking for a more gentle method without surgery in order to get rid of unsightly bulges.

The Cooltech technology is an effective method that reduces unwanted subcutaneous fat using controlled cooling system.

This method is based on the fact that fat cells are sensitive to cold. In contrast, the surrounding tissues, such as poor fat cells are much less vulnerable to cold. By extension, the natural degradation of adipocytes (fat storage cells) will be carried out without affecting the surrounding tissue.

This technique is generally aimed at patients with a BMI (body mass index) close to normal, in other words who do not have a very significant weight overload.

The device has 2 applicators in the form of suction cups that embrace the areas to be reduced. The temperature falls to -10 ° C resulting in the freezing of these cells and their destruction.

The body then naturally evacuates cells exposed to cold through the lymphatic system. This procedure is non-invasive, it requires no anesthesia and provides great results.

With one session of 70 minutes, first results appear after 15 days, and excellent results after 12 weeks.

For areas with moderate fat overload, one session is enough. When fat tissue is more important, we may renew the session 1 to 2 months later.