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Vaginal Laser Monalisa Touch


Vaginal Laser Monalisa Touch is the latest technology in cosmetic medicine that allows not only to fight against disorders related to vaginal atrophy allowing the restoration of genital physiology and symptom reduction but also a renewal of sexual life.

Who is it addressed to ?

Vaginal Laser Monalisa Touch is an effective and safe technique aimed at women of all ages. It allows results without pain or surgery.


A probe is inserted into the vagina on the vaginal walls. After rotating movements, Vaginal Laser Monalisa Touch repairs pelvic walls and provides all the lacking collagen. Tissues regain their tone; blood flow and lubrication are increased. Physiological condition of the vaginal walls is restored.

Following the treatment

Monalisa Laser Touch is non-invasive fast, no more than ten minutes of treatment. It requires no home treatment, and the patient can go back to normal daily activities right after the session.

Duration of treatment

3 sessions are required spaced 1 month between each session. The patient may feel the difference starting from the first session.