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Fraxel Laser – Wrinkles and Fine Lines

sop Fraxel Laser – Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Fraxel laser is an ablative laser that splits laser beams to deliver microscopic impacts that will be introduced in the skin tissue to stimulate the natural regeneration of dermis and promote collagen production for several months.

This laser is used with dermabrasion system, which allows renewing the skin by removing old skin cells, which gives the face a rejuvenated and smooth look.

Who is it addressed to ?

Aimed at both men and women, Fraxel laser is designed to diminish wrinkles, fine lines and improve sagging skin by making the skin more radiant and youthful.


This treatment does not require anesthesia, but for the most sensitive patients, anesthetic cream may be applied in a thick layer on the face to numb the skin.

Using a thermocoagulation system, fraxel laser is applied to the dermis to remove skin surface layers that cause sagging skin, by directing laser treatment on areas after spraying the skin surface.

This treatment of wrinkles and fine lines is painless, although some patients experience a sensation of heat during the process that can be alleviated by applying cold air.

Following the treatment

After the treatment, facial skin becomes slightly pinkish for 4-6 days on average. Sometimes rash may be followed by a dry skin and or the patient may peel for a few days. In order to calm this sunburn feeling, it is advised to spray the face with mineral water using a spray and apply evenly a soothing and restorative cream.

Results are seen immediately and the face looks younger with reduced wrinkles.

Length of treatment

A session lasts 20 to 30 minutes. For a sustainable and significant treatment, one must have four sessions with an interval of 15 days between each session.