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Plump the Labia

sd Plump the Labia

This aesthetic procedure aims to increase or restore the volume of a woman’s genitals labia. Some women have atrophied vaginal labia due to hormonal fluctuations related to menopause, following weight loss, childbirth or that are naturally thin.

Labia seem dehydrated, loose, as if there is excess skin, which makes it look of an advanced aged.
Besides the aesthetic aspect, it no longer protects the labia minora and the vaginal opening, creating discomfort during intercourse and vaginal dryness due secretions leakage or a change in the vagina’s elasticity.

Thanks to cosmetic medicine, it is now possible to increase the size of labia with hyaluronic acid.

Who is it addressed to ?

This technique is intended for patients with atrophy of the labia due to decreased estrogen production with time. But also for young women who want to increase the volume of the labia to cover small vaginal lips giving them a more aesthetic appearance.


This technique is painless, however if the patient wishes, it is possible to apply an anesthetic gel. Dr. Guessous injects with an ultra fine needle 1 ml (1 gram) of hyaluronic acid gel designed specifically for this area in each labia.

Following the treatment

Some bruising or mild edema may occur but will disappear within three days.


Once injected, the hyaluronic acid gel’s effect is immediate, labia are hydrated and their volume is restored. Increasing or restoring the labia’s volume is an effective and safe technique, allowing women to fight the aging of their private parts and find a revival in their sex lives. Note, however, that hyaluronic acid is a resorbable product, its effects will last six to eight months.