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Monalisa Laser Narrowing the vagina Vaginal atrophy

zed Narrowing the vagina Vaginal atrophy

Over the years, a woman’s body changes, as well as her genitals, especially during menopause. Ovaries produce less estrogen, hormone decrease results in thinning of vaginal tissues causing vaginal enlargement and / or vaginal dryness. Therefore, vaginal mucosa becomes less hydrated and loses its tonicity and thickness causing vaginal atrophy. These symptoms may affect the couple’s sexual activity.

Who is it addressed to?

This revolutionary technique is aimed at women of all ages suffering from vaginal enlargement associated with loss of mucosal thickness due to inevitable hormonal imbalances over time, particularly during menopause.

It naturally restores the physiological condition of vaginal walls restoring their tone and tissue thickness having an effect on blood flow and lubrication.


This technique is non invasive, safe and painless, it requires no more than ten minutes, however, if the patient wishes, we may apply an anesthetic gel. Monalisa Touch laser treatment is conducted once a month for 3 months. However, the patient and her partner may feel the difference after the first session. The patient may go back to work right after a laser session.

Following the treatment

A slight localized heat may be felt following the treatment; it will disappear after three days. Some precautions must be taken during the three days following treatment: intercourse, baths and tampons must be avoided.


Results are significant starting from the first session. Monalisa Touch laser helps fight against disorders related to vaginal enlargement, it tones the vagina and increases the thickness of mucosa by stimulating the production of collagen. Tissues regain their tone; blood flow and lubrication are increased. Physiological condition of vaginal walls is restored.

After childbirth, menopause or in order to bring some changes to sex life, Monalisa Touch is the perfect solution.