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Tensor threads

yj Tensor threads

With age, skin undergoes time vagaries, it is the first to reveal aging. This complex and natural physiological process results in a loss of skin elasticity. It begins to wrinkle and loosen.

Today there is a new technique in aesthetic medicine that has proven to be efficient: the tensor threads. It comes from the ancient technique known as Russian threads or gold threads.

Tightening treads are an effective solution for women and men who want rejuvenation without surgery. They offer an effective medical way to counter the effects of time, repositioning tissues and facial volumes without scalpel or scar. This is a gentle technique that provides an immediate lifting effect to the face, and a regenerating effect by stimulating natural production of collagen.

Who is it addressed ?

This technique is intended for patients experiencing first signs of aging. It is a technique that allows tightening relaxed facial areas without surgery. Tensor threads will enhance facial volume to give a rejuvenated natural appearance.


This technique is practiced under local anesthesia. Dr. Guessous starts by a prior marking to define the place for the tensor threads, and then he introduces the treads one by one through an entry point.

Results are instantly visible, features are put together, cheekbones are remodeled and contours are redesigned. Effect is immediate, once placed in the dermis the face regains firmness lost over the years.

Because tensor threads do not affect the muscles, facial expressions remain the same, natural and harmonious.

Postoperative effects

Postoperative effects are very simple and painless, though some ecchymosis may appear but will fade the days following the intervention. The stretched skin appearance may last 2 to 3 days. This procedure requires no downtime; the patient may go back to work right after the intervention. Antibiotics are prescribed. However, it is advisable to avoid making wide expressions for a few hours after the procedure and avoid talking too much.

Note that the tensor threads are absorbable and the effect lasts about one year.