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Face Lipofilling and Cheekbones Augmentation

ze Lipofilling & Cheekbones Augmentation

With time or sometimes due to incomplete development of the malar bone, the face looks older and jowls look too visible. Lipofilling can correct this lack of relief and also restore some harmony in the face.

Lipofilling or fat injection is the process in which cosmetic surgery permanently increases the volume and nature of the cheekbones. This fat is taken from other parts of the body and reinjected into the cheekbones; the fat cells permanently integrate with existing cells to form the new cheekbones structure.

The injection can be made at the same time in the rings, cheeks, temples, the nasolabial fold and the chin … It will thus restore the visible dark circles and redraw the oval form of the face so that the patient may look much younger.

Without risk of rejection or allergies, this technique gives a natural result and leaves no visible trace afterward.

The patient must have a good skin quality with a good tone and no sagging.

This intervention may be preferred over hyaluronic acid fillers because of its permanent result and due to the availability of fat, it’s the patient’s own fat that will live as long as the tissue around it.

Who is addressed to?

For both men and women, lipofilling is indicated when the cheekbones lack of volume and in order to :

  • Make the face look more beautiful by having more cheekbones
  • From cheeks plump or correct sagging cheeks
  • Give relief to a hollow face due to weight loss.


The surgery is carried out under local anesthesia; lipofilling is an intervention that lasts 30 to 40 minutes. Performed by Dr. Guessous, this procedure is done in several steps:

First, Dr. Guessous performs liposuction. The fat is taken from a donor area of the body (thigh, stomach, arms, etc…) using a syringe connected to an atraumatic sampling cannula in order to preserve the fat cells.

This fat is then cleaned, purified and then centrifuged so that only live fat cells are kept.

Once intact cells are isolated, they will be re-injected in the cheekbones using a syringe connected with thin cannulas 1 or 2mm. Following that, sterilized strips defining the infiltrated region will be put on.

It is important to know that the reinjection of fat is associated with collagen production due to new grafted cells that makes the skin more toned and the face wins easily 10 years.

Postoperative effects

This method has the advantages of being painless and leaves no scars, but bruises and swelling at the cheekbones may appear, these discomforts will disappear in a few days. It is advised to avoid sun tanning for one week following the intervention.

The final result is visible immediately and the face regains its youth.