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Breast reduction

ol Breast reduction

Breast reduction is the surgery used to correct large breasts, too big for the patient’s morphology.

Note that under the effect of gravity, too large breasts fall, the gland is detached from its original location and the skin becomes distended leaving room for stretch marks and skin lesions.

In other words, breast reduction aims to harmonize big breasts by removing excess volume and weight and enable people with breast hypertrophy find daily comfort.

It is known that excessive breast size is a source of physical problems such as back pain, deformities of the spine, neck and shoulders muscle pain, regular skin irritation around the chest and above all a complex that leads to hide a big volume of breasts.

Who is it addressed to ?

This surgery is for women with excessive breast size causing a feeling of physical discomfort, women whose breasts were distended after pregnancy and also young girls with an exaggerated development of the gland, most often from the age of 16 when the discomfort is increased.

It is also strongly recommended to perform a breast augmentation after breast growth over because the skin is more toned and there are no stretch marks and no gland falling that gives a better result.


Breast reduction performed by Dr. Guessous is a surgery that can be performed under local anesthesia associated with neuroleptic analgesics where the patient is relaxed and asleep with the breast superficially anesthetized with local anesthesia. General anesthesia is done upon the patient’s request and if appropriate. This procedure lasts about 1 hour to 1 hour 30.

The surgery aims to reshape and tone up sagging breasts. Incisions are made around the areola as an inverted T or L, depending on the breasts’ volume. When hypertrophy is considered mild, the incision is limited to two scars: areal and vertical, when hypertrophy is considered too important, the incision is made around the areola, extended vertically to the crease under the breast and a scar in the crease under the breast. Scar length varies according to the breast volume. Incisions are made when it is really necessary. Incision around the areola is used to place it back in its place. Incision under the breast is used to move the breasts to the side towards the center. The vertical incision that nobody likes, is necessary to move the breast up and give it a nice shape.

Then Dr. Guessous reduces excess skin and gland while moving the nipple up and reshaping the breasts symmetrically this is why the marker drawing on the chest is essential prior to the surgery. At the end incisions are closed using absorbable suture, dressing and a drain are placed on each breast.

Postoperative effects

This surgery is not very painful; the sensation is more discomfort than pain. The day after surgery, drains are removed and we put on dressings and a fit bra that must be worn for a month, day and night.

Following the surgery, a feeling of congestion in the breast is felt as a rise in milk, taking painkillers can alleviate it.

Dressings are changed on the 4th day, then finally on the 8th day. The suture is absorbable and invisible. Most often, bruises can be noticed around the chest but disappear quickly.

During the month following the surgery, the patient should avoid sports.

The patient can enjoy the result from the first days and the chest reaches its final shape after a month. Scars gradually fade over a period of 6 months.