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Breast lift

fd Breast lift

Breast lift is the cosmetic surgery that aims to reposition the breasts against the chest to remodel the gland to get a nice breast shape, by pulling sagging skin, removing excess skin tissue and sometimes providing additional volume with an implant.

This surgery is performed when the breasts fall and the gland is dislocated and left on the side of the chest. The breast therefore falls and the nipple looks down.

In some cases, when the breasts are too drained, this procedure may be associated with implants in order to get well-redesigned breasts.

Who is it addressed to ?

The breast lift is indicated for women with breast ptosis (or fall) due to significant weight loss or pregnancy with breastfeeding. This ptosis results in a loosening of the skin and mammary gland with empty breasts fall and distorted areola giving a “wash glove” aspect.


The chosen surgery will depend on the amount of excess skin and gland volume.
There are several cases:

– When the breasts fall and look emptied, and the areola does not exceed the level of the crease under the breast, it is not yet ptosis in this case, it is sufficient to bring the volume to the breast using a silicone breast implant through axillary way (see breast aumentation). Another measurement method is to calculate the distance between the clavicle and the areola’s upper pole, this line should not exceed 16 cm.

– When the breast is actually falling with enough volume to fill it we can simply make an incision around the areola and remove in a circular manner the excess skin in width and length, it is called a lift with circular scar or round block. The cosmetic result is satisfactory because the scar around the areola is almost invisible.

– When the breast is really falling, the upper pole of the areola is really below the level of the crease under the breast, nipples pointing down, in the lying down on the back position the breasts fall on the sides, a breast lift with vertical scar involving an incision around the areola is necessary, one vertical and one in the crease under the breast as an inverted T. With this technique we can associate a volume reduction if there is excess, a reduction in volume to one side in case of asymmetric volume, or provide additional volume in some cases of lack of it.

Before the surgery, we begin with a precise drawing to determine accurately the excess skin to be removed, to accurately measure the ideal position of the areola and determine the ideal location of future scars.

Dr. Mohammed Guessous performs breast lift under local anesthesia combined with intravenous sedation. This procedure lasts about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.

Following “the drawing” designed in advance in half-sitting position, we first remove the excess skin by “désépidermisation” technique that is to remove the skin superficially as if peeling it without touching the gland, and then reshape the breast bringing the part that is under the arm toward the midline and move up the falling gland. We may also reduce the diameter of breast areola. Incisions are then sutured with invisible intradermal suture under the skin using dissolvable stitches that do not require removing after surgery and an elastic bandage shaped like a bra is placed around the chest.

Breast lift is a procedure that gives very good results with great satisfaction despite the scars. The vertical scar is unavoidable and when necessary.

Once the surgery is completed, drains are placed on each side of the breasts and will be removed the day after surgery.

Postoperative effects

The consequences of a breast lift are not very painful, but analgesics are prescribed to avoid discomforts. An elastic bandage is placed at the end of surgery and removed 48 hours later, and then another much lighter compression dressing is placed. They are removed permanently to the 7th day. However, breast swelling and bruising may occur, but will disappear after a few days. Once the dressing is removed, the patient must wear medical bra for a month. After that, the patient may wear an underwire bra, it is even advised to do so in order to help reposition the breasts.

The resumption of normal activity is possible after one week. Exercise and team sports should be avoided for at least a month.