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Thighs lift

aze Thighs lift

Thighs lift is the surgery that aims to reshape the thighs while reducing fat and excess skin located at the inner thighs.

Thighs lift is designed to remove excess fat and refine contours of the thighs by liposuction, then pull and replace the skin after removal of excess skin by giving a lift to the thighs.

Who is it addressed to ?

Performed by Dr. Mohamed Guessous under local anesthesia associated with sedation, the thigh lift is a surgery that lasts about one hour.

This surgery is performed in two operating positions:

  1. First lying on the stomach: It starts with a liposuction on the thighs with fine cannulas 2 to 3mm. Then an incision is placed at the root of the thigh in the inner fold of the thigh to the pubic area up to the buttocks’ crease. Then, the excess skin is lifted, removed and then pulled up the thigh for a firmer appearance. The incision is closed with invisible absorbable stitches attached to the muscle to the thigh’s groove.
  2. Then while the patient is lying on the back: Dr. Mohamed Guessous performs the same steps on this side with sutures at the groin (between the thigh and pubic area).

Two drains are placed on each thigh to collect blood in order to minimize swelling and allow better healing, a panty or a compression outfit is also worn.

Anticoagulation and compression stockings are systematic to limit the risk of thromboembolism.