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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that aims to increase breast size by introducing of breast implants in order to harmonize the figure.

It is a widely practiced surgery and it is the only safe and sustainable solution that provides natural results.

The principle of breast augmentation is to correct volume of incomplete development with minimal or almost invisible scars.

Who is it addressed to ?

This procedure is for women who feel that the size of their breasts is small or not developed. It can be done at the end of puberty at the age of 17.

It is also indicated for women whose breasts have lost shape or volume after one or more pregnancies, breastfeeding and weight loss or in case of breast asymmetry or breast reconstruction.

During the consultation, Dr. Guessous determines the patient’s need, he explains all the details of this procedure and finally they agree on four points:

  1. The desired breast size to avoid unpleasant surprises and above all to have a suitable figure.
  2. The position of the implant in front of or behind the pectoral muscle, knowing that in most cases the prosthesis must be placed behind the muscle.
  3. The choice of the scar’s location, either at the areola or in the armpit. It is recommended by Dr. Guessous to go through the axillary route because it is more discreet and less traumatic; it is also latest technology and the best in terms of results. Dr. Guessous never recommends the inframammary route as it leaves unsightly scars.
  4. The shape of the implants: round or anatomical. Dr. Guessous does not recommend anatomic implants, as the round implants are very flexible and they are placed behind the muscle which hides their shape, also anatomical implants pose many problems moving within the pectoral muscle and require frequent change.


Performed under local anesthesia combined with intravenous sedation, breast augmentation is a surgery that takes less than an hour, usually 30 minutes.

Performed by Dr. Mohamed Guessous, the technique is simple and takes place in several steps:

The first step is to make a small incision where agreed with the patient, it is often under the arm. It is well hidden and leaves no trace on the breast. It allows going directly behind the pectoral muscle without damaging the glands. This implant is avascular and does not meet nerves or arteries or veins thus the risk of bleeding is minimal.

For the second step, the breast implant is inserted through the incision and is usually placed behind the pectoral muscle. This broad and thick muscle can hide the implant and helps having a natural result.

Most of the time, before introducing the silicone implant, Dr. Guessous puts a test implant bag. It is filled with saline during surgery to allow him view the final result while the patient is seated. This also ensures the desired volume selected in advance with the patient during the consultation and also in order to achieve perfect symmetry.

Finally, once the implant is inserted, the incision is closed and secured with thin absorbable sutures and a tight bandage is automatically put on.

The advantage of a breast augmentation is that it leaves very discreet scars that become almost invisible after a few months.

Postopertative effects

The patient does not feel any pain during the surgery because morphine is administered and painkillers are given in the morning. However the days following the surgery, breasts are swollen, tense, and tightness may be felt if sudden movements are made. These discomforts gradually disappear and are alleviated by analgesics.

Dressing is changed on the 5th day and finally removed on the seventh day following surgery.

Once the dressing is removed, the patient must wear a bra without underwire (medical sports bra is recommended) for a month day and night. From the 10th day, the patient must perform regular gentle massage on her breasts, avoid sleeping on her stomach and participating rough sports.

Breast augmentation gives immediate results with a natural and harmonious shape. Implants are guaranteed for 10 years by the manufacturer but can be kept longer if there is no need to change the size.

Length of stay

This procedure requires up to 24 hours of hospitalization. It may also be done as an outpatient.

Latest news

Lately the trend is the return to silicone breast implants. Implants filled with silicone gel are biocompatible.

As technology evolves every year, currently the quality of implants is higher; they are more flexible, more elastic and better tolerated.

Nowadays, there are several types of implants: the classic round and the anatomic implants that give a more natural appearance especially if they are placed behind the pectoral muscle. Note that the axillary breast augmentation is on the rise.